Welcome to our blog.  It was another beautiful day in Central Utah.  Yesterday We went up on Fairview Canyon and there was about 2 feet of snow by the Drift parking lot.  A few brave Souls were out on their snowmobiles and several Kiteboarders were enjoying the wind and snow from the parking lot.  I personally need just a little more snow to take our machines out, but if you're careful I guess you could go.  Kiteboarding doesn't need quite as much snow to go.  A few have hit Walkers run too if you like to go snowboarding.  A few more good storms and it will be full go for all the winter activities. A few hunts still exist like the late season archery elk hunts and some cow elk hunts.  Quite a few like to chase bobcats and mountain lions too, so I guess there are a few more hunts to go this winter.  Coyotes also have a bounty on them so you could do that too here in Sanpete County.  If you like the outdoors there is always something to do around here if you're willing to get outdoors and off your couch.  

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